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Displays and conference systems without compromise!

We know what matters when it comes to equipping modern office and conference rooms. That's why our ADVANTouch systems are designed above all for performance, precision and connectivity. And the unsurpassed price-performance ratio combined with all available efficiency features make ADVANTouch 100% investment- and future-proof in any case.


No waiting & no trailing, but more speed!

The latest ADVANTouch models herald a new high-performance era among MultiTouch displays. More power and an even better coordination of software and hardware create a perfect basis for highest performance. Especially for industrial and business applications, where efficiency is the most important factor, this is a real and sustainable added value.

"Warping and trailing in writing was the day before yesterday!".


"As accurate as on the drawing board!"

We recently received this feedback from a design professional who was working on one of our ADVANTouch displays for the first time. And that pretty much describes our maxim! ADVANTouch not only stands for added value, but should bring real benefits to your daily business. This is one of our biggest goals in the further development of our products. 


Integration into existing system landscapes made easy!

The latest display connectivity options offer even greater flexibility when connecting external sources and even allow them to be controlled via a single cable. Of course, you can also connect more remote devices via Bluetooth 5 or WLAN with maximized security standards. In addition, the displays have an integrated WiFi module, which can be easily removed. So you are always perfectly connected.


Simply always the right decision: ADVANTouch!

The continuous and consistent product development, regular system updates (OverTheAir), excellent support and service structures - and not to forget a great customer-focused price-performance ratio make ADVANTouch products always automatically the right decision!

"Highest quality and performance at the fairest price - customer orientation in its purest form!"


Questions? With pleasure!

Do you have questions about one of our ADVANTouch displays or conference systems? Then please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here for you.