ADVANTouch for our health!

Latest technology for
Hospitals Medical practices Waiting areas

Make the visit to the doctor a real experience!

Whether from home or on-site with our ADVANTouch solutions, contact with the patient becomes easier and more direct than ever before. This can involve virtual consultations or important and interactive demonstrations, or of course completely different applications. With ADVANTouch you are perfectly equipped for any situation.

Becoming a first responder with ADVANTouch displays


A lifesaver with just a few touches

To make the first aid course easy to understand and access, our displays can help to learn the skills needed. Whether it is for test questions or to illustrate with pictures and videos, with our display they are fully equipped.

"Interactivity with real added value!".


Faster to his loved ones 

With our systems, your visitors will find their loved ones and relatives in a flash with just a few touches. As a result, they immediately have a clear goal in mind in the hospital labyrinth. So the visit no longer becomes a treasure hunt.

ADVANTouch signpost in the hospital
Never be bored again with ADVANTouch


Boring waiting was yesterday!

Waiting times at the doctor's can sometimes be long and varied. But that's over now. With ADVANTouch displays, you can provide waiting patients with information about the consultation, the practice concept or other interesting content (weather forecast, etc.) or give their children something to do, so that they can relax and enjoy even longer waiting times.

ADVANTouch - COMMUNICATING Across Locations.

Always stay in touch!

It is essential that contact between an organization and its decentralized affiliated units can be ensured. Especially in difficult times, fast and reliable communication must be guaranteed. Our conference systems are an important part of this. Our modern hardware with low maintenance requirements and foolproof operation then complete the whole to a perfect hybrid solution.

Always stay in touch with ADVANTouch
No chance for viruses with ADVANTouch


No chance for bacteria or germs!

Especially in the healthcare sector, hygiene plays a decisive role. Whether you are in the waiting room, at the reception or in the treatment room, with our antibacterial screens you are well equipped.


Questions? With pleasure!

Do you have questions about one of our ADVANTouch displays or conference systems? Then please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here for you.