THE NEW operating system for ADVANTouch displays


The unique operating system for ADVANTouch displays. Experience intuitive features and state-of-the-art tools for maximum interaction and a new form of collaborative working.

Maximum flexibility through free
arrangement of apps and windows

Control the arrangement of your app content easily and intuitively right on your ADVANTouch display. Drag and drop content from one window to the other, just like you're used to in other operating systems.

Endless flexibility in the display

Of course, a picture-in-picture display is also possible. This opens up countless new application possibilities for your individual requirements.

ByoD in perfection!
The new ADVANShare!

Even easier! Even faster! Even more stable! Even more possibilities! Now end devices can also be connected via AirPlay, ChromeCast and MiraCast and up to 9 can be displayed simultaneously.

In addition, all users have full control over what content should be shared and what should not. And of course the presenter / teacher always has full control over the content that is shown on the display! Simply outstanding!


Even stronger for health and cost efficiency

At the touch of a button, the improved blue light filter, the automatic proximity dimming and the new energy-saving function can be activated. This makes your ADVANTouch not only even gentler on the eyes but also more efficient in energy consumption.

Even better functions in the ADVANote Whiteboard APP

Intelligent image and shape recognition

The new ADVANote app can recognize drawn images and sketches and immediately offers possible illustations for optional use.

Improved handwriting recognition

ADVANote's new handwriting recognition is even more reliable and instantly converts your handwritten text into perfectly legible type.

Efficient table function

The new ADVANote makes inserting and editing tables by automatic even easier and more efficient. 

ADVANClass - better than ever before!

ADVANClass is now even better integrated, allowing you to work seamlessly across multiple apps while interacting with your attendees.

All functions have been revised again and optimized for operation on your ADVANTouch display. Conduct interactive voting and involve your participants even more actively in the situation.


Questions? With pleasure!

Do you have any questions about our ADVANTouch DMS Remote Management System? Then please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here for you.