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Efficient management for educational institutions

Welcome to ADVANControl - the ultimate solution for efficient and effortless management of your educational institution! With ADVANControl, you can focus on what really matters - educating your students. From managing student and teacher data to creating and managing schedules, student performance and curriculum, ADVANControl has everything you need to optimize your educational institution and save time and resources. Make your educational institution fit for the future and choose ADVANControl!


Efficient planning and management of the timetable.


Comprehensive and clear management of student and teacher data.


Tracking student performance for better promotion.


Access ADVANControl from anywhere and at any time.


Optimize youreducational institutionwith ADVANControl!

Manage student and teacher data, timetables and more - all in one solution.

ADVANControl is the ideal solution for educational institutions that want to automate and optimize their administration. With a wide range of features, you save time and resources to focus on what matters most - educating your students.


Meet DSGVO requirements: Manage data securely with ADVANControl!

ADVANControl is DSGVO compliant and guarantees the protection of personal data of EU citizens. The platform meets the demanding requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation and is transparent in the processing of personal data. Our solution is specifically designed to meet all data protection requirements of the DSGVO.

Why ADVANControl?

ADVANControl automates the management and optimizes the educational institution for efficient, timely and progressive education.

Automated timetables

Even for experienced school staff, creating schedules can be a challenge. ADVANControl offers an automated solution that eliminates time-consuming manual planning. With an intelligent algorithm-based scheduling feature, you can quickly and efficiently create schedules for teachers and students. Scheduling takes into account teacher preferences, student needs, and other important factors to ensure that all courses and activities run smoothly. With ADVANControl, you can be sure that you always have an optimized timetable and more time for your students.

Performance monitoring

Even the most talented students may need support from time to time. ADVANControl provides comprehensive performance monitoring that enables teachers to keep track of their students' progress and provide targeted support. From analyzing classwork and homework to monitoring exams and grades, ADVANControl provides a valuable resource for improving educational outcomes.

Student and teacher database

The student and teacher database in ADVANControl enables comprehensive and efficient management of student and teacher data. You can easily and clearly record and manage data such as personal information, contact details, classes, subjects and much more. With the student and teacher database, you can also quickly and easily create reports and access the data at any time and from anywhere. This means you always have all the relevant information at your fingertips and can focus on what's important - educating your students.

ADVANControl - The Mobile Device Management System for

ADVANControl - Digital distribution of teaching materials made easy

Guaranteed targeted access to required digital teaching materials - ADVANContol makes it possible. Our comprehensive device management system gives students direct and easy access to the digital content they need in the classroom.

ADVANControl's storage management ensures that students always have access to the data they need, such as textbook apps or subject-specific applications. Teachers can be sure that students only use their digital devices for teaching and subject-related purposes.
ADVANControl - the perfect solution for secure distribution of teaching materials in your educational institution.


Revolutionize your school with ADVANControl

ADVANControl - The ultimate solution for device management in schools. Regardless of operating system or number of devices, ADVANControl enables efficient administration and management of digital devices such as tablets, laptops, computers, smartphones, interactive displays and printers. Student devices can also be easily integrated. So you create a digital classroom that meets today's requirements.

ADVANControl - Safety is the top priority

Manage your interactive displays easily and securely with ADVANControl

With ADVANControl, you can manage not only tablets and laptops, but also the latest interactive flat panel displays (IFP) in your classroom. Define subject-specific profiles or set a default profile to control which programs and apps can be used on the screen. Lock the screen between lessons and ensure safe use. ADVANControl simplifies management and ensures efficient and timely education.